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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Anyone interested may contact me. I’d love to know what’s on your mind.

Yes. Please contact me to make arrangements.

Outdoor exhibit would be most suitable in drier mild climates. They can be displayed outdoors in most climates but the wood requires special attention with re-coating utilizing outdoor approved varnishes/urethanes such as those in a marine application. Timing of those events varies. It could be every year up to several years depending on your locale. Mother Nature always wins in the end, we can only prolong the beauty for as long as we can. Proper attention and care will ensure pieces with wood last for many years. See the art work care section for details.

Displaying artwork outdoors in a natural environment poses special challenges. Ferrous and nonferrous metals have unique properties and weather differently. Invariably natural oxidation will occur on unprotected areas or areas that become scratched or damaged, particularly on ferrous metal. Do not use harsh abrasives or chemicals to clean the artwork. See the art work care section for details.

Yes. For painted metal sculptures you can apply protective waxes in paste or liquid form. Follow the manufacturers application process. For stainless steel, soap and water or name brand stainless steel cleaners and protectants work well. See the art work care section for details.