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About the Artist

Though, not formally educated by an art institution, a glimpse at Chris’s work reveals his innate ability to envision, design and fabricate truly one-of-a-kind artworks. He has been recognized for excellence in his medium by several venues and juried competitions, notably, in a short period of time as a professional artist beginning in 2015. In 2020, he took 2nd place for ‘The Fabric of Mortality’ from Indiana State University Whitewater Valley Art Competition as well as 2nd place for ‘Uplift’, a public outdoor sculpture in St. Joseph, MO. In 2019, he received the Metal & Glass award from the COX Fine Art Center in Columbus, OH and in 2018 a juried donation to the Columbus Museum of Art for ‘Cobalt’.

Recent media coverage placed ‘War in Heaven’, an outdoor sculpture, in Phoenix Home & Garden Magazine for their 40-year celebration issue. To round out these recent accomplishments he has also exhibited work in corporate spaces and museums throughout Ohio. s Museum of Art for ‘Cobalt’.

With a construction background and long history as a professional pilot he knows what teamwork means, the importance of planning, and the humility to step back for critical assessment. With this in mind, Chris continues to pursue a multitude of opportunities while patiently building credentials along the way.

I strive to create public and private sculptures that energize stagnant space and create visual journeys through abstract design. Each piece is designed as a speed-bump for the mind, slowing us down, connecting the moment with curiosity and contemplation. The outcome is a sculpture that triggers a tangible emotional response. Balance, proportion and resolve are just a few of the key aspects which play an intrinsic role in my work.

The basic foundation for sculpture work is metal, both ferrous and non-ferrous. Combining the metals alongside materials such as glass, concrete, stone or wood really give them life.

Art instills meaning – a greater sense of identity and understandings of where we live, work, and visit – creating memorable experiences for all. It humanizes the built environment, provides an intersection between past, present, and future, and can help communities thrive.